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NHRC team finds use of children in election publicity campaign


Janakpur, September 15, 2017: The National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) election monitoring committee has said it has noticed the use of children in the election publicity campaigns of various political parties in Dhanusha, Siraha, Saptari and Mahottari districts.

At a press meet in Janakpur on Friday, NHRC member Sudip Pathak said the incidents of breaching of election code of conduct have been reported in these districts. Distribution and use of caps and t-shirts bearing the election symbol of political parties was found during the electoral campaign.

There is confusion about how to ensure smooth voting from people with disabilities, senior citizens, expecting mothers and physically incapacitated. Voters have to cross rivers to reach polling centers set up in some locations and no alternative arrangements have been made for so, the NHRC said in the statement.

Besides, the NHRC has said it attention was drawn towards the ‘lack’ of effectiveness of voters’ education and poor physical infrastructure of some polling centers are in open and access roads to them have got damaged by the recent floods.

“Election candidates are found using vehicles bearing the Indian number plates and some polling centers are muddy. The Saptari-based National Primary School polling center was found waterlogged,” said the NHRC team.

The NHRC team was informed by security bodies that all necessary arrangements are in place in all (eight) districts in view of the upcoming election. The third phase of local elections is taking place in eight Terai districts of the Province no. 2 on coming September 18.

Source: RSS