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Kathmandu, March 23, 2015: Those who are not used to with kathmandu streets and road, it is difficult to find the location for general people with less signboards of location. It is even complicated to find office, restaurants, college, or any organisation with the same address but different direction. You cannot find the location alone while walking on the streets of Kathmandu valley without calling your friend or family to ask direction.

10662205_803048143070063_2529457432999408723_oHowever, its easy nowadays to those who carry smart phones. nLocate application is a location search base engine that helps you find the location search of organisation and also the product and services provided by that entity. This means if you search by name of the food like burger, you can find many restaurants nearby your location where you can get burger. You can search by a movie name to get those cinema hall where that particular movie is being released. If you search for ortho , you will get the name of hospitals nearby your location with ortho doctors and many more as such.

nLocate helps you LOCATE things Nearby and is the is the most comprehensive local search engine for Nepal. nLocate has an android app, an iOS app and a web app which are all free for the users to use and free for business to list their presence.

nLocate helps you locate businesses and activities around you, see their location in a map and contact information, discover their products and services. Besides businesses, nLocate also lets you search and locate useful information like location of ATMs, Banks, Hospitals, Doctors and Movie Showtimes.

Features of nLocate:

  • Conveniently find show-times, cinema halls for current movies
  • Search using acronyms: TU, KMC or study courses search in which colleges offer that courses.
  • name restaurants nearby and food menu provided by them
  • Locate essential services like hospitals, ATMs, banks, petrol pumps and many more near you
  • Find details about health services, see which Doctors are available at what hospitals
  • Locate the spot on map
  • “Categories” shows you common search terms that are available
  •  Most recent searches are saved for offline use

At corporate level, if you have business, come and register after the approval of the place including product and services at business.nlocate.com

You can also read stories of nlocate at:  https://medium.com/stories-from-nlocate

Its free to download and get free reporting of product and services!!

nLocate Story

nLocate started with 12 team members and 5 core members during the start up but extended lately since 2 months.June was the official date with reloaded services of nLocate but unofficially, it started in 2012. Talking with Glocal Khabar,  Mr. Manoj Ghimire, Co-Founder/CEO at nLocate shares his story when all of his friends started getting married and Sukedhara was one of the place with highest number of party palace venue. As matter of fact, all party palace used to write Sukedhara as their location. It was difficult for many to reach party palace venue for friends reception. Since he was working in software domain and a tech student, he came up with an idea of nLocate. It had only 50 database of party palace in the beginning.

IMGA0858Mr. Manoj Ghimire did bachelor in electronic and communication in 2005 and completed masters in information and communication in 2010. In 2008, he started a venture named Immune run by 50 employees .The company was related to enterprise and solution where the engine make sure servers are working as per their utility. nLocate as not started professionally but as user started to grow, the project turned out to be commercial.

nLocate is the first and only location search engine in Nepal with no other competition in the market. However, the challenge of nLocate is the problem itself. “ Our competition is actually the habit of we nepalese where we call our relatives and friends to ask and find locations. The way we solve the problem today that approach is our competition. Beside these there is no other technological database competition in Nepal for us.”  said Manoj Ghimire from nlocate.

nLocate app installation has reached 50,000 till now that includes 35,000 in android, 20,000 in iphone and 10,000 from web and has over 30,000 location data base.The strategic plan of nlocate is to educate lla the business honours to register location, product and services for free spreading organically creating value to customers.

Information is very scarce where you can use nLocate to get information. In few days, you can take appointment of doctor , book a ticket,make banking transaction and financing with one click from the app itself.“- Manoj Ghimire

By: Alina Prajapati


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