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NMB Bank Education Loan for Students


Kathmandu: Introducing a series of attractive features, NMB Bank has revived its education loan proposal, with major proposals including pre-approval, 100% financing with up to 15 years and up to 4 years moratorium period.

The purpose has been added to ensure that banks do not face financial constraints in their desire to study abroad with costumers and students and will be able to avail education loans with minimum hassle and increased value proposals.

“The bank will spend up to 100% of education costs, living and travel expenses”- the statement added.

Further, to provide students flexibility about sponsorship for abroad study, the bank often sponsors both paternal and maternal grandparents, immediate in-laws (father/mother in law) and uncle/aunt.

Accordingly, the loan tenure has been extended up to 15 years, while the criteria for the moratorium period have been set at four years or the entire course period.

Source: THT