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No More Confusion After SEE


Kathmandu, April 20, 2019: after-see.com is a website that helps SEE-appeared students make productive use of the time between their SEE and the start of their college.

It is a platform for students to come to in search of institutes giving training of extracurricular activities, competitions and scholarships. It simply helps students connect with the institutions providing what they’re looking for. It makes the process of finding the right institution short and simple.

The website enables students to easily browse through hobbies throughout the site. The institutes have been listed as per the related skill, making it easier to navigate the website. It also shows the course offerings according to the institution. The location, contact number, website or facebook link, a small description and list of all the courses each institute offers is shown in the Institute page. This website posts the latest news, updates and articles relevant to SEE graduates. It also conducts contests and giveaways for SEE graduates.