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No more load-shedding in Nepal : NEA


Kathmandu, May 14, 2018 : With an end to the three-hours a day load-shedding in the industrial sector, National Electricity Authority (NEA) has declared the country load-shedding free. The announcement was made on 13th May,2018.

With the electricity produced from the 456-megawatt Upper Taamakoshi Hydroelectricity Project being integrated into the national supply system, the NEA will be able to maintain the supply during the winter season too. Some other private sector projects are also expected to be completed and increase the supply, said Kul Man Ghising, Director of NEA.

Different schemes including the encouragement of use of the CFL bulbs has played significant roles to make the ambitious task of making the country loadshedding free. The residential sector load-shedding was stopped back in mid-April 2017.

The residential sector consumes nearly 80% of the supply and if they were to use it responsibly, the country would never face loads-hedding again, he added. The remaining 20% goes to the industrial sector.