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Not Required Of Further Foreign Military Support : NA


Kathmandu, May 12, 2015:There is no need for further foreign military support since the search-and-rescue, the first phase of disaster response, is almost over, as per Maj Gen Binoj Basnyat at a press meet at Army headquarters on Monday.

Similarly,the Nepal Army, which has been leading search-and-rescue operations since the April 25 Great Earthquake, has said that as its existing resources for airlift capacity were adequate it does not need any further foreign military support.

The priority is now relief and humanitarian support, along with rehabilitation and reconstruction, said Maj Gen Binoj Basnyat Basnyat, who has been coordinating the NA’s “Operation Sankat Mochan”. likewise, Nepal Army spokesperson Brig Gen Jagdish Chandra Pokhrel said that they appreciate the incredible support from the military forces of our friendly nations but they expect all foreign troops to return by the end of May.

In order to search-and-rescue and other humanitarian support total of 4,175 military personnel from 18 countries had arrived in Nepal. As many as 1,552 army personnel from various countries have already left while 2,623 are still in the field, said NA. Army personnel from Malaysia, Poland, Singapore, Algeria, Bangladesh and Spain have all returned while those from six other countries are expected to leave in a week.

However, troops from India, China, the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada and Indonesia are expected to leave by the end of this month. Thirty-four aircraft, including 14 from India, seven from the US and three from China, have also been mobilized in search-and-rescue and relief distribution.

Basnyat said that the Nepal Army is already working in 546 areas in the 14 most-affected districts, so there is no need for additional foreign human resource. But they need other logistics. Maj Gen Basnyat further assured that though the Nepal Army lacks equipment for rehabilitation and reconstruction, but it is well-prepared for any probable disaster during monsoon in the quake-affected districts.


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