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Now, every extra day with Hrithik to cost Ashutosh


21 October,2014: Superstars and number games continue to shock. Filmmaker Ashutosh Gowariker will have to wrap up Hrithik Roshan’s portions in his period love story, Mohenjo Daro, in 150 days. Thereafter, Gowariker and his co-producer will have to shell out extra money to the star on a per-day basis. Buzz is, Hritjik has got this clause incorporated in his contract.

The actor has already decided not to take the profit-sharing route with this film. He will be paid Rs 50 crore for this film upfront (Mirror, July 9, 2014). The amount he will take home on a ‘pro-rata basis’ should the shoot get extended, is not known, but grapevine suggests that it could add substantial heft to the film’s exorbitant budget.

“Hrithik believes that five months of working days are enough to complete the film,” asserts a close friend of the actor.

Another filmmaker close to Hrithik confides that the actor wants to sign another film soon and also start his father Rakesh Roshan’s film next year. “That is the reason, he wants Ashutosh’s film to keep its deadline,” he reasons. Kareena Kapoor was perhaps the first to insist on a similar clause in her contract when Sanjay Leela Bhansali approached her for Ram Leela. This is one of the main reasons she opted out of the historical romance and was replaced by Deepika Padukone.

When asked about it, Kareena had told a section of the media, “I had allotted 100 days for the shooting in August 2012 as per contract but Mr Bhansali wanted more days to shoot.”
Her manager had then spilled the beans, saying they had fixed on a lump sum for a 100-day shoot with the provision that if Bhansali needed more dates to complete his film, Kareena would have to be compensated on a per-day basis. Buzz is, while the filmmaker had earlier okayed the condition, he later had second thoughts about paying extra.” Hrithik and Gowariker chose not to comment.

Source:The Times of India


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