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Now, women and elderly citizens can get OPD services for free in Chitwan


Kathmandu, August 7, 2017: The newly elected Mayor of Bharatpur Metropolitan City Renu Dahal on Sunday announced a decision of making the tickets to Out – Patient Department (OPD) services at state-run hospitals for women and elderly citizens free.

Dahal took the decision immediately after taking oath of office Sunday. She took the decision of providing free tickets for availability of OPD services for women and elderly citizens above 60 years of age in government hospitals in Bharatpur city.

A total of 155,000 patients had availed of OPD services in Bharatpur Hospital in the last fiscal year, which included 55 per cent of women and senior citizens, Hospital’s Development Committee member and Metropolis’ Executive Official, Prem Raj Joshi said. Joshi added that the total estimate of the cost of providing free tickets may range around an annual Rs 4.1 million.

The cost of a ticket for women below 60 years of age currently stands at Rs 30 while the cost is Rs 15 for elderly citizens. The ratification of the decision by the mayor is likely to increase the number of patients for which Rs 5.94 million has been approved.

Dahal said she understands the health problems faced by women, which prompted her to take the decision of making tickets to OPD services free.

Representative Photograph: National Medicare Hospital

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