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NRCS mobilizes around 4,000 volunteers, employees


Kathmandu, May 1,2015: The Nepal Red Cross Society has mobilized over 4,000 volunteers and NRCS staffs in the earthquake affected zone.

NRCS has been supporting the earthquake victims distributing the tarpaulin sheets, blankets, rice and grains, and other materials useful to them. The teams have also worked to reunite the families of those people who are separated in the devastating earthquake from different places in the country and also for their health check up and maintaining the environment clean.

The NRCS also distributed over 13,300 tarpaulin sheets, 1,000 blankets, 1,958 non-food items such as dishes and clothes, said NRCS Information and Communication Officer, Divyaraj Poudel.

It has provided first-aid services to around 2,500 people and distributed drinking water and constructed temporary toilets in the earthquake hit zones. The NRCS has also created awareness for maintaining personal cleanliness and health and distributed necessary things such as soap, Jeevan Jal (oral rehydration sachets), mask and gloves in view to preventing possible spread of various communicable diseases.

We have also rescued the people stranded in the mountainous regions in the country in coordination with the Ministry of Culture, Tourism, and Civil Aviation, said Poudel.

Meanwhile, the NRCS has informed that it has sufficient blood in stock to support the earthquake victims.



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