NSU pressing for justice for raped woman

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NSU pressing for justice for raped woman

Kathmandu,19 Dec 2014: The Nepal Students Union (NSU), Padma Kanya Campus Unit has halted the transport services in the Bagbaazar road today, demanding the authority concerned to deliver due justice to a rape victim.

Puja Bohara, a woman from Baitadi district fell victim to a gang rape two years back while preparing for her School Leaving Certificate (SLC) exams.

The outraged students union’s members chanting slogans as ‘ End the violence against women’, ‘Take appropriate action the culprit of the rape’ and the like, obstructed the transport service from 9 am to 9: 30 am this morning.

In the ‘chakka jam’ programme, Sadhana Ghimire, the Chairperson of the Unit of NSU, Padmakanya College, underscored the need for all the women to curb the increasing cases of rape in the country, owing to the weak law.

Chairperson Ghimire, on the occasion, demanded the government to take a stern punitive action against the culprit of the Puja rape case.

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