Number of students under semester system  waning in TU

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Number of students under semester system  waning in TU

(By Basudev Poudel)

Kathmandu, 6th February, 2015 :  The number of students enrolled in Masters programme in the Central Campus of Tribhuvan University has been waning over the years. More so under the semester system that was enforced a year ago.


The campus, which was earlier running it’s classes determining a fixed quota system for not being able to bear the influx of the students, has been lacking sufficient students in its Masters programme of late.

Number of students under semester system  waning in TU
Number of students under semester system  waning in TU


The University started the semester system in view of making its campuses a Centre for Excellency but it has failed to attract adequate students.


The most evident case of the TU’s eroding charm is the under par submission of applications for admission by the students for the Education faculty. Of total 1,500 quota determined for this faculty, only 700 students are found to have applied as of the deadline.


Dr Shivasaran Maharjan, Chief of Education Faculty in the TU, admitted that although education system in the TU was believed to be bolstered, the system has failed to lure students.


Taking a dig into the reason, Dr Maharjan, shared that issues as prolonged dispute about the semester system, strikes and shutdowns in the pretext of petty issues among others could have discouraged students to enroll under the system.


Education faculty alike, other faculties also received lesser number of applicants in its Masters programme. Take for instance, Humanities.       This academic year, only two students have applied for Political Science whereas only four have applied for Population Studies.


Similarly, Nepali Central Department, which earlier used to receive some 300 students in a year, received 55 applications of which only 44 made it to the class. Much to its dismay, this year the Department has received only 30 applications.


Also, the minimum 80 per cent attendance for a student under the semester system could have also discouraged students as a majority of such students are simultaneously working and hence unable to attend college regularly, Parashmani Ghimire, a student leader opined. To regain the glorious history of receiving plentiful students in TU, the university should consider scholarships schemes for the mofussil students, added student leader Ghimire.


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