Number of youth flocking abroad for the employment doubles

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Number of youth flocking abroad for the employment doubles

Bhimduttanagar, Nov 19: The number of youths in the Darchula district heading abroad for employment, mainly to the Gulf countries, has doubled in the current fiscal year, a study reported.

Some 500 youths of the district, out of 973 who obtained the passport until the mid of November from the District Administration Office (DAO), Darchula, have flown abroad for employment, according to the DAO, Darchula.

The number of passport holders has risen by double compared to the last fiscal year and with the increasing number of passport holders, the district is witnessing a rise in the number of youth seeking greener pastures abroad, informed Chandra Singh Dhami, a non-gazetted first-class officer at the Passport Department of the DAO, Darchula.

Out of them, 243 people obtained the passport through the ‘fast-track’ service while 70 received from the DAO, Darchula.

For some years, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has been distributing passports mainly from the capital, whereas under some condition/circumstance, one can obtain it from one’s respective district too.

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