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NYAR Organized “Youth Dialogue On The Role Of Reconstruction”


unnamedJuly 12, 2015: National Youth Alliance for Reconsturution(NYAR) organized “Youth Dialogue on The Role of Reconstruction” with an aim of making general people and other several members aware about Post Disaster Needs Assesment(PDNA), in 9 July, 2015 at CPST, Anamnagar.

The fundamental priority was for the youths to make them more informed about PDNA and how they can play a role here.
The guest speaker of the program was Mr.Siromani Dhungana who delivered his valuable views and opinions about PDNA. Mr. Dhungana along with several other youths representing various reputed social organizations shared a common desk to bring out their ideas about PDNA and its role in the days to come.

Mr. Dhungana says, “PDNA checks damages, calculates losses and recovers needs.”He further clarified that PDNA is solely for the developmental works and this shouldn’t go beyond the developmental works.

As an aftermath of the destructive earthquake, every Nepalese is seen more alert in the construction. Moreover, their views in the previous days are far different than it is now. The discussion was made about how Nepal could prosper in the socio-economic needs without sacrificing the longings of common civilians.

With a motto of “Enhancing Youth Leadership through Action” NYAR most often comes up with the discussion programmes like these where the aspiring youths can add some amount of new and positive things into their mind.


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