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NYCA submits 13-points youth declaration to environment minister Joshi


Kathmandu, April 13, 2017: Nepalese Youth for Climate Action (NYCA) on Wednesday submitted the 13-points declaration of demand to the Minister for Population and Environment, Mr. Jay Dev Joshi. The declaration was prepared by the 60 youths present during the 5th National Youth Conference on Climate Change that ran from March 19-21 this year.

Receiving the youth-declaration from a delegation of NYCA, minister Joshi thanked the organization for starting such an initiative and showing concern for the environment and climate change issues. He further mentioned that he would be making efforts to make the demand fulfilled. “Along with this, he also gave his words to invite NYCA in the programmes where youth participation is necessary,” informed Jasmita Khadgi, Network Coordinator at NYCA.

NYCA is a youth-led coalition of the Nepalese youth and youth groups tackling climate change, the biggest challenge of our generation. Demanding that stakeholders pay a needful attention to the issues of climate change and engage youth in the matters, NYCA has been running various initiatives since its inception in the year 2008. Added to this, it has been working nationwide through its network in all five development regions, and organizing national and regional level youth conferences on climate change, and bringing youths together on the same platform to discuss environment and climate change issues.

The thirteen-point declaration from the fifth National Youth Conference on Climate Change, submitted to the environment minister Joshi are:

  • Despite having a potential to contribute in climate action, the Nationally Determined Contribution (NDC) of Nepal missed youth as actors/stakeholders. It’s a demand of youth to include us in decision-making process and in the climate change workshops because it’s our right to get information and be part of such processes.
  • Proper investment along with engagement of youth for climate resilient future.
  • Youth should be taken as a Government delegate while participating in every Conference of Parties and other national and international conferences.
  • Formulate the Action plan to create Opportunities for Youth.
  • Effective action plan should be taken into account of the effective implementation of Paris agreement in tandem with goal no. 13 of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).
  • Proper transparent disbursement of 80% Budget, allocated by government of Nepal guided by Climate Change Policy and National Adaptation program of Action.
  • Government should have proper climate disaster planning indicating effective enforcement of adaptation plan such as climate resilient building regulations.
  • Government should include Non-Motorized Transport (NMT) (walking, cycling and electric vehicles) in its plans and policies.
  • Adaptation related investment must include capacity building and technology transfer in climate-smart agriculture.
  • Government should accept the required adaptation funds as Grant, but not Loan.
  • Government should come up with urgent actions to immediately address current air pollution.
  • Government should enforce the Article no. 35 of 2072 Constitution of Nepal i.e., “Every person shall have the rights to live in clean and healthy environment”.
  • Government should start research based works regarding loss, damage and potential impact of climate change in various sectors. Hence, government should consider establishing research center with availability of resources under climate change policy 2011.