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Offering Animal Sacrifices In Gadhimai To Beign Friday


Kalaiya, Nov 27: The offering of animal sacrifice is beginning from 10 am tomorrow in the Gadhimai festival underway at Bapariyapur of Bara district. The ritual will begin after worshipping of Goddess Gadhimai early morning.

This practice of offering animals in the festival held in every five years is world renowned festival of Nepal. The festival continues for 15 days.

The tradition is it that the shamans and priests arrive in Brahmasthal with prayers items and five different animals for sacrifice and offer worship to priest and Goddess Gadhimai. There is a public belief that the Goddess Gadhimai will feature at Brahmasthal, which is 100 metres away from the Gadhimai temple.

The offering of sacrifice of animals by general public will start after the shaman offer five drops of his blood to the Godddess Gadhimai. RSS


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