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Offering Happiness with Pleasant Surprise Events


Eleven months ago, four enthusiastic youths endeavored on premiering a customized event planning enterprise named ‘Offering Happiness’. Through this venture, they are letting happiness spread its wing in the tiring skies of Kathmandu by the peculiar ideas their events comprise. If we look into the story of ‘Offering Happiness’, it will lead us to a very tempting tale to tell.

Prior to Offering Happiness, four of these young guns were occupied in doing small events. During these events, they were always into the idea of doing ‘something extra’ than other event managing companies. The vivid happiness of people who got to their events was a sign of their success. With this engaging success on subsequent events, the notion of instigating one’s own event managing company came into their mind. This was how ‘Offering Happiness’ came into being.

Known for being ‘surprise event planners’, they initially did surprise occasions for teenagers. But as they were working in the events, they discovered that such surprise occasion was well suiting the working classes.

“As we were striding in the events, we started to realize that the surprise events would suit the working classes. People who have a hectic work schedule lose the surprising material in their life. Even if they want to celebrate life with their loved ones, they don’t have the time. So, we manage events for such people who intend to celebrate surprises.”- Santosh Pandey, Co-Founder, Offering Happiness.
Santosh Pandey

The concept of surprise and customized event planning was a very new notion when they ventured. In the initial months, the onus of promotion and marketing was an obstruction. But as they are progressing in their venture, they get calls for more than four events on a daily basis. In order to make their events successful, Offering Happiness requires dynamic and competent human resource. Recently, they have called upon enthusiastic designers to help them create their own designs for the events. In the coming days, they plan to feature creative, enthusiastic event management students for making a competent team.

In order to adorn the event locations, they bring the embellishments at a reasonable price from vendors who have been working with them for a long time. Nowadays, they also comprise handmade cards, designs, handicrafts and artifacts made by students in their decorations. This way they are promoting the creativity of such enthusiastic students as well as making their work a fine art.

Offering Happiness believes that the pace in which they are working will definitely bring optimistic results in the coming days. “We believe people will appreciate our work and being an indispensable part of their celebrations is our main motive. When we first consulted with people about our idea, they were skeptic about our idea. It’s been eleven months and it seems people who held pessimistic thoughts have now started appreciating us. There are so many opportunities in entrepreneurial ambiance, so I want to exhort every aspiring entrepreneur to start what they want to do.”, Santosh mentioned.

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The idea of surprise events has literally started to buzz happiness in the lives of people. Offering Happiness is welcoming delicacy in lives as its name.

Presented By: Kabita Sen