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Old Tire Gardening by Youth For Change Nepal (YFCN)


Pokhara,February 22, 2016: Youth For Change Nepal (YFCN) conducted orientation sessions about waste management and provided hands on approach by pioneering on Old Tire Gardening. They added value to already vibrant garden of Saink Awashya Mahavidhyala, Phoolbari, Pokhara with artistic and atheistically appealing old tire gardening. The team provided very articulated information under “Mind Your Waste “ Campaign to various level students and environment science teachers.

The team is under TGG Mentorship program with Anil Chitrakar (Social Entrepreneur) as a mentor.The group had recently had orientation about Reuse, Reduce and Recycle of waste (paper, plastic, water and tire) on Shree Janajyoti Secondary School, Janagal, Kavre and incorporated old tire gardening in school premises. They provided information about how can we convert discarded newspaper and papers into paper bag and pencil with help of Women’s Dream Multipurpose PTV Ltd (a social enterprise which makes paper bag, pencil and note books form waste papers). They have been advocating about use of waste plastic for making ropes and waste food to run piggery enterprises. The cheap and simple ways of rain water harvesting is quite implementable by use of house hold materials like simple tarpaulin sheets, plastic bottles and ropes.

12767392_10201218807787582_1546735000_nThe group provided hands on to student and teachers on old tires gardening which is spreading as “Minion Effect”. As old tires are washed, dried on sun. Then painted with various colors given artistic designs and environmental slogans. The painted tires are stacked reflecting positive vibes and looks. This creative and innovative approach can be solution for staked tires around highways and workshop. Not only flower gardening it can be diversified into chair making and other multiple purposes which YFCN is trying to accomplish. They want to develop a culture where people will realize waste is not waste unless it is wasted.

TGG mentorship program is mentorship program underThe Generation Green campaign of WWF Nepal. It is as exercise in leadership development and relationship building. Over six month period, the program will take the mentor and mentee through a series of interactions and activities aimed at providing mutual benefit to both parties.


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