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One of the Best New VR Things: Buying a Car


November 22, 2016: VR experience is changing how we buy most physical things, and it is starting with cars first.

This is possible due to an alliance between Dell, HTC and Jaguar. It works along with a project that Nvidia and Audi have taken to showcase cars in dealerships, without the dealerships actually having to floor the car. Audi and Jaguar are working to figure out how to get people more excited about new cars, how to find new ways to engage and make purchases, and how to assist in the car ordering process. This last is where Audi and Nvidia focused their effort.

Their project makes a space in dealerships where a prospective buyer can put on a VR headset and then see the full range of option as if the customer’s perfect car were right there. Options include not only interior and exterior finishes and colors, but also features and everything a customer should know about the car. Customers then can experience each feature or package as they would if they actually were driving the car. They can figure out if the car is perfect or not and is worth their money before paying for it.

This is particularly important for newly launched cars. Mistakes often are made in ordering, because people don’t realize if they want a feature or not and sometimes it accidentally gets left out.

This is only one of the big changes we will see in the automotive market, appliance market, and any other place where seeing something rendered could help in the product’s sale or use.

These experience will be more different and unique in many aspects. As we move to mixed-reality, we will be able to see the products as if they would exist in our homes and places long before they are actually built. And it will unlock the door to more fun experience of being able to drive virtually in a game-like settings while in real-world cars we’re riding in safely transports us to where we want to go as we enter into the world of self-driving cars. We can imagine what would be the future of cars and almost everything and that future is virtual!!