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One exhilarating Journey from the mountains to Malaysia


“People do not take trips but, trips take people”

True that!

December 5, 2017

Travelling 2036 miles away from Nepal was indeed exciting. Well, the spirit of chasing the clouds to reach a place that I had never stepped in was liberating.

Travelling for me has always been the biggest source of inspiration. I always get to learn new things, experience new things, meet new people and listen to their stories. Moreover, stepping into a completely different zone has always pushed me to extend my limits.

Malaysia was my destination and I was up for the Asia Pacific Future Leader’s Conference- 2018. Flying from Kathmandu that gave a chill at 6 degrees Celsius to landing in Kuala Lumpur that heated at 30 degrees Celsius made me realize how amazing is it to just choose to Fly away! How different the other side of the world is! And, how being different was beautiful!

It was 6 in the evening. We (Ajay, Subash, my co-delegates for the conference and I), headed towards the hotel. Driving in wide lanes with a tranquil sunset was how I embarked my KL journey. I glanced out of the window of a cab and just ended up staring at the grey sky. We checked into the hotel and went out to grab a dinner.

Asia Pacific Future Leader’s Conference was all about learning and sharing. 300 amazing delegates from more than twenty five different countries gathered in KL to discuss on SDGs. We shared five amazing days together.

Listening to some great speakers was the center of attraction of the conference. Similarly, session on leadership and project idea formulation was more intriguing. We couldn’t have known each other better had there been no sharing session. Delegates were given the opportunity to present their respective works, share their insights and journey. Prior to the closing ceremony, we had Project plan preparation and presentation session and cultural exchange night. The conference concluded, but our friendship; it just began.

People I met throughout my stay in KL made me understand that despite diversity, unity prevails. I met a lot of Nepalese in KL. They were the most amazing people to talk to.

Strolling in the Malaysian streets was a sheer pleasure. From the visit to Batu caves, shopping around Central Market, Pavilion, China Market and feasting in Little India, each of the experience made my trip a billion dollar one! A visit to Buddha Temple in Brickfields, roaming around Twin Towers, visit to Acquaria KLCC and Putrajaya was indeed unforgettable.

This trip helped me be more open to people and be more compassionate.

And I learned to Dream, discover and live!

By: Anusha Kadel