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One held for defaming woman on Facebook

Fcebook hacking

Kathmandu, April 4, 2016: On March 30, a lady in a worried face reached Metropolitan Police Crime Division (MPCD) along with her husband to share her problems to SSP Bikram Singh Thapa.

Thapa asked her to file a case in writing saying that the culprit would be surely be brought to law. He informed the concerned department about the same. Next day, police made arrest of a person from Swoyambhu area.

Rabin Gole, 25 of Makawanpur District was detained for the same. The lady had filed a case stating that he had hacked her Facebook account and posted her earthy photos inflicting mental torture on her and affected her social dignity as well as family life. Police had made the arrest by tracking his phone and handed over to the Metropolitan Police Range, Kathmandu, for further investigation.

On investigation by the police, it has come to light that Gole hacked her Facebook ID to download the pictures on her message box and posted these photos making a fake Facebook account of her. “We studied together in a college in Samakhushi and had been in love since then”, Gole said in the interrogation. “After a long time of being together in a relation, she cheated me. To avenge her for the same, I posted these pictures hacking her Facebook account”, police quoted him saying.

“She was too worried when the photos she shared with her husband on a secret chat was made public. We worked on the issue instantly and arrested him”, said Thapa. He further said that Gole had pressurized her for having sex with him and had even issued a threat for publicizing the photo on social networking sites with an intention to assassinate her character after she did not follow his orders. Gole has now been charged under cybercrime case.

Around 4 to 6 such cybercrime cases have been filed in MPCD and the figure would sometimes go up to 10. Similarly, about two such cases are filed each at Lalitpur and Bhaktapur Police Division.

SSP Thapa said that they would leave no stone unturned on arresting cyber criminals and made a public request to file a case to police if anyone has been facing such problems on social networking sites.

Any person involved in cybercrime is liable to a fine of Rs 100,000 or five years in jail or both under Article 47 of the Electronic Transaction Act, 2008.

Source: Setopati