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One-horned female rhino found dead in Chitwan

A female rhino died in the Setidevi Community Forest on Saturday, July 23, 2016. Photo: Tilak Ram Rimal.

Chitwan, August 8, 2016: A one-horned rhino was found dead in a suspected case of electrocution at Bhagaha of Narayani-1, bordering Chitwan National Park, in Chitwan district this morning.

The adult female pachyderm might have died after receiving electric shock from a electric fence that locals set up to keep out wild animals from their farmland, according to Assistant Conservation Officer Narendra Aryal at the Chitwan National Park.

However, only postmortem report would confirm the cause behind her death, according to Aryal. She was around 12-year-old.

Prized horn and hoofs of the conserved mammal were intact to the body while one of the ears was bleeding when her corpse was found, Aryal informed.

No electric fence, however, was seen close to the site where the rhino’s corpse was found.

It is possible that she received electric shock at some other place, collapsed at the site while running away and died there, Aryal said.