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‘one house, one tap’ campaign in Biratnagar


Biratnagar: Biratnagar metropolis is organizing it’s one house, one-tap’ campaign to provide drinking water for the municipality.

In collaboration with the Japan International Cooperation Agency and Nepal Drinking Water Corporation, the metropolis has completed project studies and research at various stages. The metropolis will make the denizens dream of “one home-one tap” in a few years.

Mr.Bhim Parajuli, Biratnagar Mayor took the initiative to take the leadership at a rapid pace. Regarding the plan, detailed project reports of the first phase and progress reports prepared by JICA. He added that providing metropolitan denizens pure drinking as part of campaign ‘one house, one-tap’.

A four-member delegation led by the representatives of JICA head office, Yosiaki Yokota and Hirosi Kuwota had begun preparations in Biratnagar.

Chief Administrative Officer of Biratnagar, Mr.Ekdev Adhikari called on all sides to move ahead to implement a plan to distribute pure drinking water to households.

Source: RSS