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One million children studying in the schools affected by earthquakes


Kathmandu, April 23, 2018: More than one million children are studying in the schools affected by earthquakes due to delay in reconstruction of the schools. Reconstruction work is being carried out in 32 districts where 7,923 schools were either destroyed or partially damaged.Three years post the earthquake, Nepal Government still needs to restore 5,500 schools. The reconstruction work has been facing various difficulties mainly financially as the government struggles to collect enough fund for completing the construction work.

Nepal experienced devastating earthquake (also known as the Gorkha earthquake) on April 2015 which killed nearly 9,000 people and injured nearly 22,000. Also, around 9,000 schools nationwide were destroyed in 39 districts.

According to Central Level Project Implementation Unit (Education) report, government has completed the rebuilt work in 3,613 schools whereas in two years of reconstruction process, government generated resources for 2,047 more schools. Highlighting the fact that government yet needs to generate funding from 32 highly affected districts for 2,363 schools also from other districts for 3,400 schools.

This clearly hints that rebuilding works will not be over on time, as report of CLPIU blames bilateral or multilateral donor agencies for delayed reconstruction work. Only 17 schools has been re-constructed among 655 schools pledged for rebuilding by different bilateral or multilateral donor agencies.

However, the overview at the progress of non-government agencies is much better as 180 NGOs have constructed 1,050 schools while 126 are under-construction.