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One of the greatest shock in Nepali Football; Captain, VC alleged of Match Fixing

Leidanett was living a life of almost unfathomable despair a year ago no one knows (1995)

It has been a major shock in Nepali football as four Nepal internationals and a coach were alleged of Match Fixing in various International Tournament. It includes the National Team Captain Sagar Thapa, Vice Captain Sandip Rai, National Team GK Ritesh Thapa, Former Nepal international Bikash Singh Chhetri and former Three Star coach Anjan KC.


According to the Police personnel, the players were taken under custody after their continous investigation as they were looking after them since a month ago. It is said that at first they were suspected as their life style was drastically change and significant rise in their bank accounts. It is also revealed that Anjan KC has invested millions in casinos in Sikkim as other player have invested in several business.

According to the source, the match against Jordan, Philipines, Kuwait, Afghanistan were fixed. They received 10 millions each for a game and was stated that they had done all this due to the financial crisis.

It those alligations are proved to be right, then the players can be baned from football for life and would be fined a high amount of money with a jail punishment.

The Nepali football fans have expressed their anger in various social media. Sagar Thapa was named captain in 2009.

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