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Online Course on Understanding Sustainability – Re-imagining a Better Future post-Corona


With the goal of educating fellow Nepali youth about the urgency of the most pressing issue of our generation, i.e. Sustainability and Climate Change, and to empower the youth to see the connection between the current crisis and human unsustainable behaviors, HCI organized a three-day Online course titled, ‘Understanding Sustainability – Re-imagining a Better Future post-Corona’. After completing the course, HCI helps youths to be a part of its Sustainability movement and to inspire and support them to contribute their part towards the solutions to create a better future for everyone.

The course was held from 5 through 7 May, 2020, with 33 enthusiastic participants from different parts of Nepal, and outside Nepal from different educational levels and backgrounds. The Course instructors were Ms. Shilshila Acharya, Mr. Sushil Khadka and Mr. Hardik Subedi. Ms. Shilshila is the CEO of the Himalayan Climate Initiative (HCI) – a youth-driven Nepali non-profit organization. She pursued Masters in Environmental Science in Kathmandu and Norway. Mr. Sushil is trained as a Chemical Engineer (University of Maine) and an Economist (Vanderbilt University). Mr. Hardik holds degrees in Arts and Law from the prestigious NALSAR University of Law, Hyderabad. Ghana S. Gurung, Country Director of WWF Nepal and Malvika Subba, Board Member of HCI, joined in for the Guest Speaker Session and presented their ideas on the issues.

The combination of instructors for this course was the highlight of the course since each of the instructors brought their unique background and perspective to represent different aspects of sustainability. Thus, each instructor elaborated on different pillars of sustainability and stressed the need for balance in people, environment, and economy for a better future, among the participants. The major aim of the course was to help participants ask the right questions on today’s issues and to understand why Sustainability is a must-know for all youths.

The course covered new issues each day. The first day was focused on our current unsustainable practices, where we are heading, and how COVID-19 pandemic resulted from this. The second day covered discussion mostly on sustainable solutions, and if it is possible to attain it and what it would look like for the world and for Nepal. Third day covered the possible solutions of today’s problem and the roles that each individual can play for a better world.

Along with the classes, the course had a very academic approach to it, and provided reading assignments to the participants comprising engaging and interesting cases on today’s burning issues. Each followed by fun and interactive discussions the next day. It also provided reading materials that participants could read on their own pace as well as an e-certificate for course completion.

If you’re interested in understanding today’s crises and learn and share your ideas on sustainability, this course might be perfect for you. Join the course and get a chance to meet and build a network with individuals of different fields who shares same concerns as you do. The next course is happening this week from 16 may to 18 May. Find the details and the link below.

Link for the form https://forms.gle/KhVoR8WP8F8DJes97