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The Growth of Online Learning in Nepal


Education has always been a very important part of people’s lives as it helps for knowledge and eventually in life functions. Different parts of the world were already in the mode of Online Education or we better say Blended Learning. However, in Nepal we have had mostly disregard its importance.

As a matter of fact, the world today is moving toward online education, different universities worldwide have announced about going fully online for the next few years.

Gradually, we have been understanding the essentiality, and people have started using different interfaces to do so in Nepal. The biggest reason, inability to use any other ways.

People are maintaining social distance; and one can make your days productive by skilling yourself. Online Learning can be a very good option for you to do so. Online learning has shown significant growth and it has become more important in people’s lives. The pandemic situation has made a validation for online learning to be enhanced for better education.

Today you have an option to initiate online learning with Nepal’s Own Online Learning platform, if you have the internet and any device to get connected, it is a wonderful opportunity of learning and sharing a skill or a knowledge by online workshops,  discussions, and interactions that helps in learning online.

The combination of the internet and education provides us with the opportunity to gain new skills. Online learning plays a part in helping us in learning new skills; gaining valuable qualifications and work more effectively.

Basically, online learning in Nepal has gained popularity since March. Different organizations, institutions like Nepal Leadership Academy, YFEED Foundation, GAS, and others are organizing interactive online learning courses, webinars, interactions, online competitions, majorly targeting young students.

The Youth For Environment Education And Development Foundation (YFEED Foundation) trying to extract the best opportunities from the situation and is organizing webinars to gather youth for collective discussion for a better future on the relevant topics.

Similarly, Sustainability Week Kathmandu, Child Development Society, and Symposium on SDGs have set up to organize weekly webinar sessions to inspire the youth to contribute to possible areas of SDGs as per their expertise and interest.

Glocal After School (GAS) has been bringing different online course on employability and professional skills and competitions to develop young minds, They have been promoting Nepal Trainers, what they call an Online Guru and providing a platform for trainers and learners with a motive – “While Isolated, Let’s get skilled”.

Ensemble for Bachelors has been organizing different online sessions, panel discussion sessions designed to develop marketing knowledge and skills, motivate people to adjust in unexpected crises, and make the day productive.

Deerwalk and DishHome have partnered in bringing school-based courses on Television reaching out to more and more beneficiaries.

Nepal Leadership Academy (NLA) aims to set up comprehensive sessions that initiate a leadership journey and build leadership capacity.

A lot of school and college students are getting class through online media via their institutions.

Now, even in Nepal, the participants have different mediums, platform to choose their course that, perfectly suites their goals and help them find its application in real life. This can present an opportunity to invest in yourself; enhance skills and develop self- worth.

Online learning also requires students to be highly self-motivated and have strong time management skills.

These opportunities to interact with experienced trainers, personalities online were really rare earlier, but now the boundaries are stretched.

The initiation of footprints towards “Online Learning” in this quarantine time and make your day productive, is not just a passion now, it is turning into reality.