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Online sellers focus on service delivery apps

Online sellers focus on service delivery apps
Online sellers focus on service delivery apps

Kathmandu, April 6, 2016:Services providers and online marketplaces operating in the Kathmandu Valley have shifted their focus to application-based service delivery in a bid to increase their overall market presence after a satisfactory growth in e-tailing.

Kaymu, one of the leading online stores in Asia under the Asia Pacific Internet Group, entered Nepal in 2014 and quickly secured the market.

Apart from trading through its website, Kaymu Nepal provides service through its mobile application “kaymu” based on Android, iOS and blackberry platforms making trade convenient for buyers and sellers.

“Our app has been installed by more than 30,000 active users, and the market presence is expanding. The visitor growth rate to our website has reached 20 percent monthly, and we expect it to continue” said Rajeev Amatya, managing director at Kaymu Nepal. “Kaymu works as a market maker, and it has seen very little competition from other platforms. Our focus has shifted towards changing the market dynamics by motivating offline buyers to go online.”

According to Amatya, trading through online platforms will see a significant rise in the near future if issues relating to e-payment, internet availability and consumer awareness are effectively addressed.

Furthermore, an increase in the population of tech-savvy youths will also help e-commerce businesses to meet market projections.

“E-market and retailing platforms are gaining popularity because of convenience. It reduces the knowledge-divide between buyers and sellers,” said Prajwal Shrestha, information technology consultant.

Similarly, Foodmandu, a food delivery service provider with more than 100 restaurants in its shopping list, serves more than 83 locations inside the Ring Road in Kathmandu. Foodmandu has recently launched a mobile application in line with its growth strategy.

“We have been experiencing a growth in the number of users of nearly 100 percent annually, except in 2015 when we were hit hard by the earthquake and subsequent trade embargo,” said Manohar Adhikari, chief executive officer of Foodmandu. “But the situation has become normal now, and we expect that the growth momentum will continue.” He added, “The launch of our app Foodmandu is aimed at increasing our market presence and providing consumers hassle-free services. The e-commerce industry in Nepal is still at an infant stage. However, after e-payment complexities and web facilities surrounding the business are addressed, we will expand further into other cities.”

According to Adhikari, 90 percent of the business is done with repeat customers while the rest are new customers.

Likewise, NET TV has been providing streaming TV online through the IP TV platform operated by NITV Streamz, the first of its kind in Nepal.

The application features live television, movies, TV shows, YouTube Plus and online games. Payment can be made through e-sewa and SCT npay. The company said that it plans to issue NETTV scratch card soon.