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Online Session Concluded: Emotional Support for the Well being of Adolescents


Kathmandu: Consortium-Nepal conducted an Online session on “Emotional Support for the Well being of Adolescents” regarding COVID -19 in terms of Mental Health. It was conducted in the support of Mantrana Pvt. Ltd and Counselling Psychology Nepal. Nine Children’s of Age group 13-18 have participated in the session.

The lock down has affected the normal lives of people like never before. Children are the most affected by the lock down with the schools closed and children not being able to go out of the house, their urge to learning and playing has been effected. Different myths regarding COVID-19 has spread over the internet and children having immense access to internet and television now more than ever, they seem to have a psychological effect as well. The risk of child abuse and exploitation is in peak during this period.

Mandira Shrestha, one of the participants said – “My expectation from this program was to be mentally and emotionally reassured. During a time period, we discussed the impact of COVID- 19 on our mental health and the coping strategies through different way like scaling of mood, give away words, Q & A round etc. In the end, I got this program too remarkable and magnificent.”

The Group Online Session was conducted with the objective of aware adolescents regarding COVID-19 in terms of Mental Health. The duration of the program was 3 hours. The outcome of the program was informative and fruitful as per participant’s feedback.