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Open Data Awareness Program being organized to sensitize Nepal’s digital natives


Kathmandu, October 26, 2017: Open Knowledge Nepal is organizing Open Data Awareness Program from Oct 8 – Nov 11, aiming to sensitize students and youth about Open Data in Nepal..

The program aims to raise awareness about the concept and usage of ‘Open Data’ to Nepal’s digital natives, who are the current youth population and the potential future decision-makers and leaders of Nepal.

As a part of the program, hands-on training sessions are being organized at different colleges and youth organizations, where participants will be provided with a compiled Open Data Manual to aid their understanding of open data.

After the conclusion of the all the workshops at different colleges, a hackathon event will be organized in Kathmandu to bring together selected participants from colleges and youth organizations where the training sessions were held to work collaboratively on opening up data currently in a closed format. At the hackathon event, the participants will share their experiences of learning and working with open data and will discuss ways to engage more young people in the open data movement in Nepal. The awareness program is also an opportunity for increased civic awareness and engagement and participatory governance as well.

The program strives to make the youth of Nepal more aware of the benefits of open data, fill in the gap of data literacy and to better prepare young people for a rapidly changing data scenario, and ultimately help groom Nepal’s future leaders and decision-makers to be data-driven.

The program also seeks to help improve the chances of more open data startups and initiatives emerging in the near future. Likewise, an increased capacity and awareness of open data in Nepal’s present and future generation will also help to increase the potential for open-data-informed development decisions and accountability of responsible bodies.

Through the program, the university students and youths will be empowered to use open data for research, conduct data analysis and reporting, use new data tools and programming languages, and build innovative solutions to tackle development challenges.

For further details regarding workshops, hackathon and resources, visit odap.oknp.org