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Open society fellowship calls for applications


Kathmandu, May 29, 2018: Open Society Fellowship has called for application from people who can offer viable innovative solutions to fundamental open society challenges.

The Open Society Fellowship supports individuals seeking innovative and unconventional approaches to fundamental open society challenges. Applicants for the Open Society Fellowship are invited to address the propositions that are needed to fight pervasive economic inequality.

Though propositions deal with economic issues, propositions without economics and business background are welcome to apply, provided they have a relevant project in mind.

The fellowship program will help fellows obtain necessary visas and will cover all associated costs, fellows will receive a stipend of $80,000 or $100,000, depending on work experience, seniority, and current income. In addition to the stipend, fellows will receive a project budget including expenses such as travel (including airfare and hotel), visa costs, part-time research assistance, conference fees and health insurance. Once chosen, fellows will work on projects of their own design and passion.

To be eligible for consideration, the applicants should possess and demonstrate a deep understanding of the major themes embedded within the proposition. The applications should be submitted on an individuals and the applications from organizations or people representing an organization will not be entertained.

The fellowship is open for everyone from all around the world and the deadline for submission of application is 15th of July,2018.

The applications can be accessed through this link and further details on the fellowship can be found at the official link for the same.