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Opportunity for better Implementation


Nepal is a beautiful country especially in the field of tourism industry. Nepal is full of beautiful places and mountains. Most of the travellers from many different countries come and visit Nepal for trekking as Nepal is like a paradise for them. Destinations are most important for tourists, travellers and trekkers and there are many tourist destinations all over the world. Among them, Nepal is one of the best tourist destinations for those people who like to spend time with family or go for trekking.

Nepal offers best to travel; not only for adventurous trekking purpose but also Nepal is popular for its natural beauty as it has numerous National Parks full of wildlife. We have breathtaking mountains, beautiful and refreshing green hills and thundering rivers with easy rapids to challenging wild rapids for rafting which also one of the attracting adventure to do. Thus, Nepal is the best travelling destination in the world.

1998 was declared as Visit Nepal 98 by his Majesty’s Government to enhance the beauty of Nepal internationally. Similarly, in 2011, Nepal had organized a campaign “Nepal Tourism Year” again and its main motive was to target international tourists to the country. After a great success of the past, a new campaign is announced in 2020 as “Visit Nepal 2020” (VNY2020) to promote Nepal as a Tourist Destination.

Visit Nepal 2020 was initiated with a theme “Lifetime Experiences”. VNY2020’s moto is to attract 2 million tourists in Nepal by the year 2020. For the tourists, the Nepal government started constructing international airports at Bhairahawa and Pokhara which is about to get complete. Visit Nepal 2020 is beneficial for a country like Nepal especially in the field of the country’s economy. More than 2 million tourists are targeted in this campaign so the rates of travelling packages are lower and affordable as compared to the past years.

With the start of the year 2020, the Corona Virus got quite popular and it is all over the news which sadly affected our third campaign “Visit Nepal 2020“. Corona Virus is declared as a pandemic virus which was discovered in China itself. Chinese tourists are the largest number of tourists who were targeted in this campaign but due to this newly discovered virus, the government of Nepal postponed our campaign. With the growing cases of Corona Virus, Government of Nepal was compelled to postpone the campaign.

For now, it is kind of sad news but postponding campaign is an opportunity for a country like Nepal. There are lots of stuff to take care about for the improvement of the country for tourists. Most importantly, things like roads, places, several pollutions should be controlled; so, for us, it is a great chance to reconstruct roads, monuments which was destructed by Earthquake, etc.

What tourists want when they come to a new country to travel is good facilities and a proper management system. Besides beautiful green hills and breathtaking mountains, smooth roads and clean cities are something more important that would attract tourists. Government has more time and an opportunity to work more on this campaign for such issues. Government of Nepal has been involved in constructing 2 international airports in Bhairahaa and Pokhara keeping in mind the campaign VNY 2020 which is still on process. As the campaign has been postponed, we got 2 more years to complete with a better result.  Not only the airports which are outside the capital city Kathmandu but also Tribhuwan International Airport is also reconsidered for its renovation. Currently, 28 international airlines from 14 countries are operating their flights to and fro Nepal. However, due to limited space available inside the Tribhuvan International Airport (TIA), its further expansion is not possible but these two airports can play a key role to attract more international airports.

One of these newly constructed airports lies in Bhairahwa which is in Lumbini, the birthplace of Lord Budhha so it is an advantage as Lumbini is such an amazing and beautiful place for tourists to attract whereas the other international airport is being constructed in Pokhara, the city of the lake that has pleasing night view. It is one of the beautiful tourist destinations. In the meantime, Pokhara is the gateway to the Annapurna region, a popular trekking destination. A direct flight to Pokhara can encourage more tourists to visit this beautiful city for trekking and other purposes as well.

Besides facilities and cleanliness, tourists would prefer a good political environment, safety and security of international tourists is a prime concern. Nepal should have a professional team, which can act promptly to conduct various rescue operations for saving the lives of tourists in case of any kind of emergency.

Keep in mind that the tourism industry has become much more competitive now than it was before. The phrase“Atithi Devo Bhawa” should be followed in real life rather than keeping it limited in words alone.

  • Sadikshya Khawas