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Opportunity for Young Actors in KSR Movies

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Kathmandu, February 20, 2019: KSR Movies is producing a new film and a television serial which is named as “Boarder” and “CRIME X”.  They are looking for the extremely passionate artist to be the part of their film journey.

KSR movies are looking for passionate professional or beginner actors for the television serial and a movie. They are looking for 35-40 actors for their project. They prefer a professional actors but are also willing to take passionate fresh actors without any experience that are young.

“We will take an informal interview to know basic information about applicants”, stated Mr. Prakash Basnet. He further added, “If we see fresh actors with potential, we will train them as required for the project.”

“The training fee would be Rs 7500 for the fresh actors. They will learn the acting skills required for the television serial and movie and later work on It.”, Mr Prakash Basnet stated. The young actors will be available of food and accommodations along with the training.

The KSR movies is contributing to wards the movie industry of Nepal.“We are giving opportunity for young actors to be professional with this project”, said Mr. Prakash Basnet. The interested candidate can contact the information below for further details.

KSR movies-014356552
Prakash basnet-9823625602, 9847972602