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Opportunity Optimization Session by EmpowHER


Kathmandu, August 6, 2018: The eleventh session of the EmpowHER 2018 was held on Saturday, August 4, 2018. The session initially saw the reflection of what the changemakers learnt on the earlier Saturday’s session presented by the Rapporteurs. The session this time was more field visit kind of approach which was termed as “Opportunity Optimization”.

In this particular session, 18 changemakers were divided into groups of three members each and were allotted Rs. 1000 to each team. The changemakers had to stretch that very resource as much wider as possible by making handmade products and sell them in the real marketplace within two and half hours of time. This session gave them the real feeling of marketing and also assisted them to boost their communicating and convincing capacity. Some of the changemakers also got ample opportunities to give a taste of their project-related-products in the real market through this. Before leaving for and getting back from the market, the changemakers also had an open-floor discussion about the SWOT Analysis, Pluses and Deltas and various learning experiences out of the Opportunity Optimization Task.

The second session for the day was facilitated by the inspiring and motivating speaker, Sharu Joshi Shrestha. She shared her journey which was quite inspirational and influential and made all the changemakers feel responsible and proud towards their motherland, igniting a patriotic environment and helped develop the real feeling of nationalism within them. The issues raised by her made the changemakers serious and conscious towards the nation building process.



The session was followed by the Prototyping Explanation and Briefing where changemakers demonstrated all the products which can be used for their project and received valuable comments and feedbacks from their cohorts and the team members of EmpowHER. It helped them quite a lot to revise and analyze their products by themselves and opened the door for the proper modification if necessary. Finally, they had a small group discussion to amend the two liners of their project which helped make it SMART (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Time bound). In this way, the 11th session of EmpowHER was eventful and effective and was one of the most memorable and productive sessions  in terms of market and customers exposures through Opportunity Optimization.

By Sabitri Poudel and Sushmita Dahal

Sabitri Poudel and Sushmita Dahal are changemakers of EmpowHER 2018