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Opportunity more significant than title

opportunity more significant than title
opportunity more significant than title

Kathmandu, 29 Dec 2014: A total of 7,938 students officially graduated from the 40th convocation ceremony of Tribhuvan University, the eldest and largest university of the country.

Chancellor of the University and Prime Minister Sushil Koirala presented the academic degree titles to the students including those attaining doctorate, Mphil, masters and diploma certificates.

The students who graduated today included those who passed their respective degree examinations between 2070 Ashad 1 to 2071 Jestha 16.

The total number of students who actually passed during the period from 60 constituent and 1,053 affiliate colleges across the country was 53,178 but only 7,938 students attended the convocation ceremony, according to Vice-chancellor of the University Prof Dr Hira Bahadur Maharjan.

Although, a large score of students received degrees of various levels from the TU every year, the state has failed to address their needs, which has been the matters of nationwide concerns these days.

Not only degree holders but the best performers of TU have voiced that the state should create an atmosphere in which they could easily utilise their skills.

Basanta Raj Banjara who gained a Master’s degree in Statistics under Faculty of Science Monday sought opportunities from the state to exercise his competence.

But in view of Aslam Ali of Central Department of Mathematics, Kirtipur who has three gold medals for his best performance in the Masters’ level, academic degrees are not only the means of grasping opportunities, but these, achieved by hard labour, be utilised as property.  Technical and vocational education should be promoted to tackle the problem of unemployment in the country, he said.

Although many youths are offered the University degrees every year, hunting for career is another situation they face immediately after receiving the degree, said another gold medalist Meena  Kusi.   

“To obtain a certificate and a decoration is not the chief issue but rather its utilization is an important aspect,” Kusi said.

Gold medalist of the MA Nepali subject Gokul Pokharel said he felt his responsibility rise with the award.

Likewise, Dr Khemraj Kharel, who obtained the degree of doctorate in Economy, said the weakness seen in the practical and creative side of the education was the major hurdle in making use of opportunity.

“The major reason behind youths migrating abroad is the inability to associate the theoretical aspect with the human life through practicality and creativeness,” Dr Kharel said.

On the occasion, Lal Bahadur Pun, who obtained the highest marks in MPhil under the faculty of Management stressed on the need to enhance entrepreneurship among the students. He also called for creating an environment allowing the maximum use of the existing manpower and resources.

Keshav Shrestha, who came first under the MSC Chemistry faculty underscored the necessity of the contemporary time as creating manpower capable of competition in the international standard and called on the government to prioritize an educational system making use of the technology at the best.



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