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Oranges Produced In Dolakha Getting Good Market


Charikot (Dolakha), Dec 10, 2014: Oranges produced in Dolakha district are greeting good market due to the Dolakha festival organised at the district headquarters, Charikot, from Friday.

Orange farmers and businessmen from different VDCs in the district have thronged the festival. Some of the farmers have kept stalls of oranges, produced at their own farm, at the festival, according to the organiser.

Farmers from various VDCs including Pawati, Gairemudi, Sunkhani, Sundrawati, Lamidanda, Phasku and Namduhave have arrived Charikot to sell their oranges.

Jeevan Shrestha of Bhaktapur, who arrived to visit the festival, said that he found the oranges produced in the district very sweet and juicy.

Farmers are now very happy as they got chance to sell the oranges in the festival and make a good income.

Secretary of the Regional Hotel Association, the organiser of the festival, Santosh Kumar Pathak said orange produced in the district is the main attraction of the festival.

Around 5,000 people are visiting the festival daily, he said.Farmers are selling oranges for Rs 80 per kg.

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