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Our Perspective: Right or Wrong


The eternal difference between right and wrong does not fluctuate, it is immutable.”
― Patrick Henry

Firstly, these two words: Right and Wrong do have some meanings. What do they mean exactly? Right is anything that is correct and viewed as a social norm, and wrong means anything incorrect and should not be accepted. However, how do people understand if something is wrong or right? There are many such events and situations where the right choice is different for each person. They need time to understand these situations. This is called one’s perspective. As we develop the moral aspect of our lives, we often adopt standards of right and wrong that serve as guides and deterrents for our conduct.

Our human understanding is constantly changing. It’s obvious with time. It is said ideas rule the world and the thoughts rule our lives. It is our mind, which molds our destiny. We prove our mind, we can find out that the so-called mind is just the bundle of thoughts. We can’t deny the fact that our lives are full of actions that have both positive and negative impacts. It depends on the person’s choice to decide which impact to take account of the performed action. S/he can be an optimist and take the positive impact and be happy with the outcome and the effects brought upon them or are pessimist unable to see the change and positiveness. But our perception lies around the concept of either choosing one. We need to be optimistic in order to make a beautiful lifestyle. Looking at the bright side of life, accepting the thorns on the bed of roses are some qualities that optimistic people has.

Life is a dream that we see through our open eyes. Only few recognizes it as an illusion, rest indulge it. They consider it as a reality and begin to find joy and happiness in it. They forget one thing that enjoyments have a tag of sorrow and pain attached to them. However, from birth to conception to an end, we need to live both these feelings of happiness and sorrows, either optimistic or pessimistic. One should be clear on their path and they should have faith in themselves. Right or Wrong is a way of judging things. Life is about making up everything that has gone wrong and being thankful for everything that went right. I have lots of dreams about my life and being educated, I feel like I can judge things well. The best part of being in the life journey is learnings that we get in every step. Life is beautiful and we need to live it with positive attitude.