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Outbrust of Sunkoshi Lake


Saptari, Sept 7: Alertness and caution has been exercised in Saptari fearing rise in water level in Saptakoshi river due to the outburst of the artificial lake created by a landslide in the Sunkoshi river.

Alertness has been exercised in areas next to the Saptakoshi river fearing a sudden outburst of water from the lake into the Sunkoshi river in Sindhupalchowk that later joins the Saptakoshi river downstream.

Water current in Saptakoshi river has already increased since last night following the outburst of the artificial lake of Sunkoshi and thus we have exercised some caution, said Chief District Officer of Saptari Birendra Kumar Yadav.

The water current in Koshi barrage bas been recorded at 114,380 cusec.

Meanwhile, residents of Gobargadha and other VDCs next to the Saptakoshi river have been alerted towards the possible risk and asked to stay vigilant.

Likewise, a team of technician and rescue workers has been put on stand by to respond to any possible damage by the Saptakoshi river, said CDO Yadav. RSS


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