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PABSON Disagreed on New Scholarship Provision


Kathmandu, September 18, 2018: Private and Boarding Schools Organization (PABSON) disagreed on the new scholarship criteria on a press meet as decided by the Compulsory and Free Education Bill which was endorsed recently.

According to the provisioned bill, the scholarships in private schools and schools running under the educational trusts should provide 10 to 15 percent of the total students.

The allocation of the scholarship to a school of 500 students to provide full scholarship is to 10 percent of the students, schools of 500 to 800 students to provide to 12 percent of the students and for schools with 800 students should provide 15 percent student.

Bijaya Sambahamphe, President of PABSON said, “Private companies were paying 20 percent tax of their total income, but students were paying 25 percent. Moreover, we are already providing a scholarship to 10 percent of students. We are not in a condition to increase the scholarship quota. ” He also questioned the government if it was able to imply free education provision effectively and suggested to focus on the previous scholarship provision effectively.

PABSON officials claimed that of the total,  in 6,500 schools under PABSON around 2.2 million students studying where 200,000 students were getting the scholarship.