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Paddy production increases in Jhapa

An eye-pleasing view of the paddy field in Dapcha area along the Sindhuli-Bardibas road section of the BP Highway as seen on Tuesday, 15 November, 2016. Photo: RSS

Bhadrapur(Jhapa), November 24, 2016: Jhapa district, which enjoys the status of being the district that produces the highest yield of rice in the country, has witnessed an increment of 15 per cent in paddy production this season compared to last year, according to District Agricultural Development Office, Jhapa.

Paddy productivity in the district, which stood at 4.31 metric tonnes per hectare, has risen to 4.69, according to DADO Jhapa’s Agricultural Technician Shalikram Bhattarai.

Agricultural Technician Bhattarai said that paddy was planted across 87,500 hectare area in the district this year, yielding 410,375 metric tonnes of rice.

Last year, rice was grown across 83,000 hectare area, said Bhattarai, attributing the increment in crop production to the use of improved rice seeds and decrease in pest attacks.

Source: RSS