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Paddy Production to be Increase by 10 per cent


Parbat, October 27, 2018:  The production of paddy in Parbat District has been forecasted to increase this year by 10 per cent.

Basudev Regmi, Chief of Agricultural Knowledge Centre shared, “Timely plantation of paddy seedlings, good rainfall and favourable weather condition are the main reason for the growth this year.”

There was a better paddy production in Parbat district last year than compared to the year before that. Farmers were excited while the harvesting time due to the increased output of last year.

In a total of 28,000 hectares of land, paddy plantation was only done in 21,000 hectares of land. Meanwhile, there were few parts of the land which were still barren. Farmers have to rely on rains due to lack of irrigation facility.