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Nepali Painting Exhibition in Philippines draws enthusiastic participation

Nepali painters and others pose for a photograph during the painting exhibition organised at Mangaldan National High School in Dagupan Pangasinan of Philippines, on Thursday, December 28, 2017. Photo: RSS

Philippines, 29 December, 2017: A painting exhibition organized by Young Picasso Organization, Nepal at Mangaldan National High School, Philippines has marked its beginning on Tuesday. This three-day exhibition being conducted at Dagupan Pangasinan of Philippines drew an engaging participation from students, painters, local people and other stakeholders in the first day.

Ajay Deshar, the managing director of Young Picasso Organization, revealed that the exhibited paintings reflected the tourism landscapes, art, culture, religion, and ethnic exercises of Nepal. Deshar, who has steadily dedicated his time in the painting sector since 2055 BS, attempts to describe the festivals and cultural practices of Kathmandu in the art exhibition.

Ajay Deshar, Kishor Nakarmi, Bipana Maharjan, and Situ Maskey will flaunt their paintings under the solo art exhibition.Similarly, the paintings by Situ Maskey are about monasteries based on the remote areas of Nepal. Likewise, Nakarmi through his painting tries to acknowledge his belief that the paintings would help to spread the significance of Buddha’s teaching to people all around the world.

Source: RSS