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Police Dogs Form A Perfect Line While Waiting For Their Food


Dinner is ready! Adorable moment police dogs form a perfect line while waiting for their food.

It’s a picture sure to melt even the coldest of hearts, and certain to earn the pooches an extra spoonful or two for their efforts.

The photograph taken at a police dog academy shows six dogs queuing up to get their dinner, while holding onto their plates with their teeth.

A black Labrador heads up the line of five German shepherds as they sit patiently with their ears pricked, waiting for their turn to go up to the trainer and receive their food.

No skipping the queue: The six police dogs wait patiently in an orderly line to receive their food. The picture is believed to have been taken in a police dog academy in China.

It’s not clear where this particular photograph was taken, but previous images from a dog training centre run by the Zhejiang Armed Police Force showed that queuing for dinner is a tradition for the canines there.

‘A good police dog needs to meet these four requirements: good looking, big appetite, courageous and possessive,’ said a Hangzhou-based police dog trainer, according to People’s Daily Online.

Source: sesunu.com