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Panel Discussion on Effects of Brain Drain: Emphasizing the consequences in the economy of Nepal


Kathmandu, January 21, 2018: Prime Entrepreneurial Management Club (EMC) in collaboration with Kathmandu Consultancy Group successfully organized a Panel Discussion on the topic ‘Effects of Brain Drain’ on January 19 at Prime College.

Bal Krishna Joshi, the Co-Founder at Thamel Dot Com was the moderator for the event while Amuda Mishra, Founder and Executive Director of The Ujyalo Foundation; Pavitra Gautam, Co-Founder and CEO at Karkhana; Secretary General at Robotics Association of Nepal; Kripa Basnyat, Programme Manager at the Asia Foundation were the speakers for the discussions. The event also marked the prestigious presence of the Principal, Prof. Dr. Krishna Kumar Shrestha and the Vice Principal, Satya Bahadur Shrestha. These speakers shared their experience about living outside of the country, the current trend of studying abroad and the effect of the brain drain to the economy of the country.

This event was basically comprised of different sessions including sharing their experience of their stay in and outside of the country, informative talks and question-answer session.

The major question addressed in the event was ‘Why do people always want to escape from the country?’ The program amazingly presented many factors regarding political instability, ongoing trends, studies, job and opportunities as the reason behind people’s interest in living overseas.

Similarly, the program introduced talks on work stability, feminism concerns, the uncertainty of future and instability of mind. Mainly targeting these changes, speakers caught the participants attention over the importance of living overseas in order to analyze conditions of growth and stability. The speakers mainly focused their speeches for the final year undergraduate students who are soon to graduate and may have future plans about studying abroad for their graduate studies. This program made the participants realize the consequences of the brain drain to the country.

The guest speakers discussed their projects, journey, challenges, opportunities, and plan of action. They mentioned about the necessity of nationalism in everyone. “When it comes to meeting the basic needs, it is all about satisfaction and why should anyone go abroad when he/she has a wonderful home and opportunities here,” opined Surendra Nepal from Kathmandu Consultancy Group.

Among the various personalities, Shraddha Shrestha, a student of Prime College shined bright by expressing her thoughts both as a student who was lured to the ocean wide opportunities calling out to her talent to be noticed and as a patriot who realized the power of the word ‘mine’.

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Glocal Khabar was the official media partner for the event.