Home International Paris climate deal is ‘best chance to save planet’

Paris climate deal is ‘best chance to save planet’

Paris climate deal is 'best chance to save planet'
Paris climate deal is 'best chance to save planet'

Paris, 13 December 2015: The climate deal reached in Paris is “the best chance we have to save the one planet we have”, US President Barack Obama has said.He said it could be a “turning point” for the world to take on the challenge of a low-carbon future. China, the world’s biggest polluter, also hailed the deal. But some campaigners said it did not go far enough to protect the planet.

Paris climate deal is 'best chance to save planet'
Paris climate deal is ‘best chance to save planet’

The Paris pact aims to curb global warming to less than 2C (3.6F). Nearly 200 countries took part in tense negotiations in the French capital over two weeks, striking the first deal to commit all nations to cut emissions. The agreement – which is partly legally binding and partly voluntary – will come into being in 2020.

Describing the agreement as “ambitious”, President Obama said: “Together, we’ve shown what’s possible when the world stands as one. “In short, this agreement will mean less of the carbon pollution that threatens our planet and more of the jobs and economic growth driven by low-carbon investments.”However, Mr Obama admitted that the pact was not “perfect”.

China’s chief negotiator Xie Zhenhua agreed that the Paris plan was not ideal. But he added that “this does not prevent us from marching historical steps forward”. China earlier said rich developed countries needed to offer more financial support to developing countries.

Giza Gaspar Martins, the chairman of the group representing some of the world’s poorest countries, said: “It is the best outcome we could have hoped for, not just for the Least Developed Countries, but for all citizens of the world,” he said.

But Nick Dearden, director of campaign group Global Justice Now, said: “It’s outrageous that the deal that’s on the table is being spun as a success when it undermines the rights of the world’s most vulnerable communities and has almost nothing binding to ensure a safe and liveable climate for future generations.”

Some aspects of the agreement will be legally binding, such as submitting an emissions reduction target and the regular review of that goal. However, the targets set by nations will not be binding under the deal struck in Paris.


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