Parliamentarians draws law minister’s attention towards release of rape culprits    

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Parliamentarians draws law minister's attention towards release of rape culprits

Kathmandu, 5th Jan 2015: Demand has been made for carrying out reforms in the entire legal mechanism to ensure justice to the victims of sexual violence against women.

Members of the Legislation Committee of Legislature-Parliament Monday called on Law Minister Narhari Acharya and Attorney General Baburam Kunwar, drawing their attention towards the release of culprits in the rape of Pooja Bohara.

They voiced for reforms in the investigation process (related to sexual violence against women) and entire judicial process for providing justice to the victims.  The lawmakers demanded that judges involved in unfair decisions be punished, laws against the violence against women be revised and moral education included in the state education system.

In response, the Law Minister stated the existing civil code is on the process of amendment and the judicial structure will be revised immediately after the promulgation of the new constitution.

Minister Acharya said he wrote to the Judicial Council, urging justice to the victim and was informed that the case  was sub judice before the Supreme Court and  verdict on it would be made on the basis of available of evidences and existing laws.

It may be noted that Pooja Bohara, who was allegedly gang raped while she was preparing for the School Leaving Certificate ( SLC) exams, wrote an open letter to the Law Minister in a national daily recently, pleading for justice, after the Mahendranagar Appellate Court acquitted the accused by overturning the decision of the district court to sentence them to jail.

Attorney General Kunwar said investigation is the guidelines for judiciary to execute the case and it is the failure of the state to not have an effective mechanism to look after the cases of sexual violence.

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