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Pashupati all set for Teej celebrations

Hindu devotees queing in the premises of Pashupatinath Temple area on the occasion of Teej Festival in Kathmandu, on Friday, September 2, 2016. Photo: THT

Kathmandu, August 3, 2016: With the Pashupati Area Development Trust set to host tens of thousands of pilgrims during Haritalika Teej festival on Sunday, police have stepped up security surveillance in and around Pashupatinath temple to prevent any untoward incident.

At least 300,000 women devotees are expected to visit the hallowed Hindu shrine to offer puja to the Lord Shiva. According to the PADT, there will be three entry points  Bankali-Char Shivalaya-Panchadeval-Bajraghar-Dakshin Dhoka, Jaya Bageshwori-Bhuwaneshwori-Falame Pul-Pashim Dhoka and Mitrapark-Gaurighat-Umakunda-Dakshina Murti-Rudragadeshwor-Bashuki  through which devotees could proceed towards the temple in lines.

Arrangements will be made in such a way that no devotee has to wait for more than an hour to reach the temple, said the PADT. All four doors of Pashupatinath temple will be opened at four in the morning.

The northern, southern and eastern doors, however, will remain closed from 12 noon to 3:00 pm for the daily rituals in the temple.

The PADT has also made a special arrangement for those who do not want to stand in queues at a fee of Rs 1,000. The elderly and person with disabilities will also be spared the trouble of standing in lines, according to PADT.

Around 10 health camps with doctors will also be set up. An information centre and nine temporary and mobile toilets have already been set up around the temple area.

According to the PADT, more than 4,000 cops, both in uniform and civvies from Nepal Police and the Armed Police Force, will be deployed around the temple area for security.

The entire area will be under CCTV camera surveillance.

Men, except security personnel and PADT officials, will be barred from entering the designated area around the temple throughout the day. Unlike previous years, PADT has scraped the special pass system.

Meanwhile, PADT has appealed to all not to wear jewelery made of precious metals to prevent incidents of robbery and snatching.

The PADT, in association with the District Administration Office and police, has put a ban on sale and consumption of liquor and psychoactive drugs on the premises of Pashupatinath temple.

The Metropolitan Traffic Police Division is set to declare Chabahil-Mitrapark-Gaushala-Battisputali, Ratopul-Gaushala and Gaurighat-Gaushala road sections a ‘no-go zone’ for vehicles on Sunday.