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Passion towards your work is a must to be a successful entrepreneur: Deependra Tandon


Kathmandu, August 3, 2016: Deependra Tandon, Director of Advantage Group of Companies has said that the essence of being a successful entrepreneur lies on one’s  passion towards his works.

Speaking as the special guest in the 74th series of Last Thursdays, a platform where emerging entrepreneurs in town gather & network on last Thursdays of every month, Mr. Tandon shared the life and times from his 18 years of entrepreneurial journey.

A fresh graduate of MBA, he started working as a marketing officer at Toyota, for 9 months, after which he left the company to start his own venture with a friend who also left his job from an airlines company to collaborate with him.

Last Thursdays with Entrepreneurs

Started off as a research company after seeing the clients’ demand for research projects, with just one computer and 30 thousand rupees as the starting investment, he soon came to realize that though the customers were needing market research, they were not willing to pay for the service.

In the programme, he also recalled a moment of landing in a soup after being asked to design brochures and a website for an organization, at a time when he didn’t even know the types of the softwares used for such works.

“We designed the website on Microsoft Word, by going through different tutorials on the internet,” he reminisced.

“Later, we went with a proposal to make an in-flight magazine for Necon Air. Seeing our dedication, the then chairman of the airlines asked us to do Advertising Campaign instead, for the company, amounting to 1 crore,” he said. “After 3 months of intensive research, went to him with a 100 page of proposal for the project, which was accepted instantly,” he said.

“After that, our work, then got noticed by many,” he shared. “The biggest break for us then was a call from the Khetan Group to design a packet for Mayos noodle,” he said. “After 9 months of intense hard work, we came up with a new design, that was accepted by the group. There is no turning back for us since then,” he added. “We then got established as a full-fledged designing and advertising agency.”

“Entrepreneurial journeys are never straightforward. Thus, one always needs to be ready to face the challenges and tackle them and move ahead,” he said. “Failure is not the real problem, but the failure to deal with the failure is the greatest problem of all. So, don’t fear with failures,” he added.

“Everyone has an idea. But, being an entrepreneur is not about the number of ideas, but about translating the idea into a workable solution,” he talked about the essence of being an entrepreneur.

“I had a passion towards advertising, but just out of the job, and as I couldn’t think of and see anyone who became rich and renowned from the sector, I joined a different field than advertising. But, my passion towards advertising finally drew me towards the business. And, finally, here I am now,” he added.

In the present context, his company is involved in brand consulting for NCell, Laxmi Bank, Kantipur, and many other organizations.

He always considers life is not a destination, but a journey in itself. “Don’t take life with that much seriousness to bring frustrations,” he advised the youths present in the programme. “Don’t let work get in the way of your life. It’s the byproduct of life.”

Sharing an unforgettable moment as an entrepreneur, he said, “After some time of starting the company, I felt the necessity to take loans to sustain the company, and borrowed Rs. 2,75,000 from my dad, in a condition that I would be repaying the loan with interest. And, I did it after a few months!” A huge applause followed on hearing this.

Giving message to the aspiring entrepreneurs, he said that one should follow his passion and dream to be successful. “Do what you love, and have fun in your life. We need to think of what to make out of our life, a survival or a mission.”

Last Thursdays with Entrepreneurs

The programme also saw a brief presentation by Mr. Ramesh Khadka from FACTS, about the past, present and the future of advertising industry in Nepal. “Though print advertisements started to appear commercially with the initiation of the newspaper Gorkhapatra in 1984 B.S., it started to be regarded as a business only when Laxman Upadhyaya started the first ad agency – “Nepal Advertisers” and the Advertising Agency of Nepal “AAN” was established in the year 2047 B.S.,” he said in the presentation. “As of now, the sector has directly employed 10,000 people in Nepal with 535 crores of total estimated value,” he added. He also shared that the ‘Clean Feed’ policy 2016 being passed by the government is sure to help increase the revenue and contribute to the growth and development of the industry in the nation.

Last Thursdays with Entrepreneurs


Started in January of 2009, the Last Thursdays series has been a platform to many emerging and established entrepreneurs to share their experiences and provide a learning and networking platform for the budding ones.

Last Thursdays with Entrepreneurs

Photos Courtesy: Biruwa Ventures

By Basanta Kumar Dhakal