Patan Industrial Area’s preparation completed in view of First Ladies’ visit

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Chapagaun (Lalitpur),21 Nov 2014: Patan Industrial Estate has completed all necessary preparations in view of the possible visit by the First Ladies of the Heads of State and Governments of SAARC member countries arriving for the Summit.

Patan Industrial Estate consists of 117 industries, out of which the industry of handicraft and woodcraft are the major attractions.

The 18th SAARC Summit is taking place in Kathmandu on 26 and 27 this month.

According to Ramesh Raj Nepal, the Administration Officer at the Industrial Estate, the industries located in the zone are of cultural value.

Nepal claims that industries have played a crucial role in holding cultural glory of the country high.

Sculpture and monuments made of stones have added importance to this industrial area, he added.

Some 100 foreign tourists have been visiting the site on a daily basis while the Nepali school and college students also have been coming in around 200 in number per day, according to the Administrator.

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