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Patanjali to create 10,000 jobs in Nepal


Kathmandu, November 23, 2016:Yoga Guru Ramdev Tuesday announced that Patanjali would create about 10,000 jobs in Nepal and not expatriate its profits to his country.

Speaking at the welcome programme organised by the Federation of Nepalese Chambers and Commerce (FNCCI), the yoga guru announced to raise investment in Patanjali Ayurved Pvt. Ltd, Nepal to Rs. 5 billion.

Currently, Patanjali has invested Rs. 1.5 billion in the company and created about 1,000 jobs. It has established the production plant in Bara which will be inaugurated by President Bidya Devi Bhandari on Thursday. Acharya Balkrishna will also attend the inauguration ceremony.

Patanjali is developing industrial facilities for manufacturing its herbal products so as to produce goods of Rs. 10 billion in a couple of years.

The yoga guru is on a week-long visit to Nepal to inaugurate first ever Patanjali manufacturing plant outside India.

“Patanjali aims at working in the interest of the people in any country and refrains from making it only the source of income,” yogi turned entrepreneur said.

According to Ramdev, Patanjali would use Nepalese herbs and other raw materials in its products. On the occasion, he gave some tips to the businesspersons. “If you want to do business, make your own business and create a brand. Creating your own brand is far better than trading and running business to support other companies. However, creating a brand is a very complex process,” he said.

He suggested that entrepreneurs mastered skill in the business that they took before hiring a team and be careful in spending money on the advertisement.

“Save money from advertisement and invest it in enhancing the quality of your products,” he said. He recommended the businessmen should not lose integrity, compromise in quality and be myopic.

FNCCI president Pashupati Murarka appreciated Ramdev’s efforts to establish the Patanjali production plant in Nepal.

“This will mobilise internal resources and help create jobs. I would like to urge guru to expand the business across the country,” he said.

Appreciating the yoga guru for his calculative business move Murarka said that Ramdev had suggested Nepalese entrepreneurs to invest in high value products and import low value products in order to achieve the higher economic growth rate.

Dr. Upendra Mahato, Nepalese partner in Patanjali, said that the country would benefit from the new production plant by utilising domestic raw materials and creating jobs.

Yoga guru Ramdev also criticised the forces trying to create divisions between people from the hills and plains.

Saying that the conflict between the Madhesis and the hill origin people will have serious repercussion for the country in the near future, he said, “Some leaders are apprehensive of losing their vote banks due to the provincial demarcation. Therefore, it is not about the fear of some caste or some types of people but vote banks that have been instrumental in creating the disturbances.”

He said that the time had been changed when the people needed to follow the path of the king, now the king had to follow the voice of people.

“The disease of becoming chief minister of a province has caught some of the leaders,” he remarked.

The yoga guru expressed his commitments to narrowing down the distance created in the name of Madhesi and Pahadi people.

He also said that in the name of India and China cards, some forces were trying to damage the political and economic situation in the country further.

Photograph: India Today

By Modnath Dhakal