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PDNA should be made trustworthy: FM Mahat

PDNA should be made trustworthy: FM Mahat
PDNA should be made trustworthy: FM Mahat

Kathmandu, 13 June, 2015 : Finance Minister Dr Ram Sharan Mahat has said that the investment would be attracted after making the Nepal Post Disaster Need Assessment (PDNA) prepared by the government trustworthy.

Minister Mahat said at a programme organised by the National Planning Commission (NPC) that all should pay attention for the reconstruction task as it would be successful only after taking the national and international arena into confidence.

He said, “Support of all is necessary for the overall reconstruction.” He further said that problem has been seen as an implementation rather than means and resources in the country.

The Finance Minister said, “There is no budget crunch, there is only a lack of capacity to spend it.”

He said donors have been raising the questions about good governance becoming weaker for lack of stable government.

Likewise, preliminary report of the PDNA has incorporated impacts in social and economic sectors and added that the report would be submitted to donor agencies after completing the report, said Vice-Chairman of the NPC Dr. Govinda Raj Pokhrel.

He also stressed the need of building the capacity of the nation to collect the fund for the reconstruction after taking the donors into confidence.

Similarly, Chief Secretary Leelamani Poudyal said that transparency should be maintained in the reconstruction tasks soon by removing obstacles surfaced in a policy level.

He stressed the need for reconstruction mechanism under the leadership of the Prime Minister to carry out works in a free manner.
Members of the NPC shed lights on the method adopted while preparing the PDNA. Lawmakers, former Finance Ministers, former Vice-chairman of the NPC, former governors, and economists, among others were present at the programme.

The participants suggested for making the evaluation reliable, trustworthy and acceptable to all while evaluating the damaged structures, their construction, financial and social activities.

During the programme, it was reported that Rs. 513 billion of damage has been to the property and structures and it was said that over Rs 666 billion is estimated for the reconstruction bid.


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